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Commercial Gasoline Efficiency Tips

Tasha can help improve your fleet fuel economy.

gasoline fleet Bourne, ma If you manage a fleet of delivery trucks, service vans, taxis, shuttles or other commercial vehicles, you know that keeping them fueled isn’t always simple. Arranging commercial gasoline for even a modestly sized fleet can eat up plenty of hours for a manager.

With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, you might find yourself tracking the rates on all the pumps around you. You are likely losing working hours each day while your drivers line up for fuel. And how much of your own time is spent reconciling and reimbursing receipts?

On the Upper Cape and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Tasha Fuels & Propane helps commercial clients maximize their gasoline efficiency with our dependable delivery services and fair pricing. Here are some ways you can improve your fleet fuel economy.

Overhaul your routes.

Optimizing your vehicles’ routes for delivery and transportation driving can markedly improve your miles-per-gallon and lower your annual gasoline usage. By reviewing your drivers’ routes, you can help them avoid areas with:

Encourage safe driving.

We all want our fleet drivers to remain safe on the road for their security and the well-being of people in the communities you serve. But safe driving also does wonders for your fuel economy.

When your drivers avoid frequent acceleration, hard braking, inefficient gear shifting and overuse of four-wheel-drive and cruise control, your fleet’s gasoline consumption will decrease.

Choose a commercial gasoline partner with quality fuel.

High-quality commercial gasoline is easier on engines, which reduces your maintenance costs and the chance of breakdowns. At Tasha, we proudly offer ultra-low-sulfur Shell-brand unleaded, mid-grade and ethanol-free gasoline products. Our customers appreciate how our gasoline supports superior engine performance.

Invest in on-site delivery.

Tired of all the lost time that comes with filling up at the pump? Tasha Fuels & Propane can help with our convenient on-site gasoline delivery service. When you have gasoline storage at your business, lot or depot, your drivers can fill up quickly and safely without needing to go to a station.

Even better, you can stop reconciling expenses from different fuel vendors. All your gasoline will come from one trustworthy partner — one that’s committed to your success!

Receive automatic gas deliveries.

Another benefit of arranging on-site commercial gasoline deliveries is that you can put all the planning in our hands. Tasha’s team is experienced at fueling vehicle fleets in Bourne, Cotuit, Falmouth, Marion, Mashpee, Mattapoisett, Osterville, Wareham and countless other towns. We’ll look at your operations and develop a fuel delivery plan that ensures you never run out of gasoline. Also, our delivery schedule will ensure that you use your gasoline well before it expires.

For over three decades, Tasha’s team has delivered fuel, equipment services and peace of mind to homes and businesses in Massachusetts. With us, you aren’t just a number — you’re a neighbor. If you trust us with your commercial gasoline needs, we’ll always be here when you need us.

Let’s improve your fleet fueling processes together. Join the growing roster of Tasha customers.