Summer Propane Safety Tips

Summer Propane Safety Tips Keeping you and your loved ones safe Whether you’re cooking up a delicious salmon fillet on your propane grill or sitting around a pool heated to the perfect temperature with a propane pool heater, there’s so much to enjoy about late spring on the Upper Cape. And summer is right around […]

What’s the Right Water Heater for You?

What’s the Right Water Heater for You? Find a traditional or tankless hot water system that keeps your showers steamy and relaxing! Many homeowners don’t realize how much they depend on hot water until it stops working. Without a reliable hot water supply, you’re out of luck trying to bathe, wash dishes or do laundry. […]

5 Interesting Facts About Diesel

5 Interesting Facts About Diesel Diesel is cleaner, safer and more efficient than you might imagine. As we often like to say, economies run on diesel. Whether you’re talking about fleets of vehicles, construction sites, farms or businesses that need backup power, diesel is a virtual necessity. For decades, Tasha Fuels & Propane has provided […]

Heating Oil 101

Heating Oil 101 Five facts about the eco-friendly home heating fuel we deliver For nearly 30 years, we’ve provided dependable heating oil delivery from our home base in Falmouth to households throughout the Upper Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts. We’ve seen this home fuel undergo significant advances in that time. Heating oil has always been a […]

Propane: What Is It Made Of?

Propane: What Is It Made Of? For almost 30 years, households on the Upper Cape and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts have counted on us for heating oil and kerosene. But the Tasha team also provides top-tier propane delivery. Propane is an energy-efficient, clean-burning, American-made fuel that can power many home systems and appliances. But what is […]

Welcome to the Tasha Fuels & Propane Website!

Welcome to the Tasha Fuels & Propane Website! A new and improved site for all your home comfort needs Families and businesses throughout Cape Cod trust Tasha Fuels & Propane for reliable fuel delivery and equipment services. You might have known us as Loud Fuel before. Our name has changed to reflect our proud family-owned, […]