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What Influences Heating Oil Prices?

What Influences Heating Oil Prices? Like all energy, heating oil’s price can fluctuate. Temperatures have plunged in Bourne and throughout the Upper Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts. As such, boilers and furnaces throughout this region have come on, and people’s heating oil consumption has reached the highest levels in months. This is the time of the […]

Is Propane Good for the Environment?

Is Propane Good for the Environment? Propane offers low emissions and efficient performance! With the threat of climate change at the front of our customers’ minds, Tasha Fuels and Propane is conscious of how important it is to help Upper Cape households stay warm and safe while maintaining low emissions. Happily, the propane that we […]

How Much Oil Can Your Heating Oil Tank Hold?

How Much Oil Can Your Heating Oil Tank Hold? Track your fuel levels and schedule your heating oil delivery right on time. Heating oil is an excellent way to keep your Cape Cod home comfortable and safe through the most frigid weeks of winter. Heating oil generates a lot of heat (138,500 Btu per gallon), […]

Commercial Gasoline Efficiency Tips

Commercial Gasoline Efficiency Tips Tasha can help improve your fleet fuel economy. If you manage a fleet of delivery trucks, service vans, taxis, shuttles or other commercial vehicles, you know that keeping them fueled isn’t always simple. Arranging commercial gasoline for even a modestly sized fleet can eat up plenty of hours for a manager. […]

Is Propane Environmentally Friendly?

Is Propane Environmentally Friendly? Propane is safe for heating, indoor appliances, and outdoor living. When it comes to heating our homes, warming our water, cooking our food and drying our clothes, we want to ensure the energy we use isn’t negatively impacting our planet or the air quality in our homes. At Tasha Fuels & Propane, […]

On-Road vs. Off-Road Diesel Fuel

On-Road vs. Off-Road Diesel Fuel Tasha offers diesel delivery and on-site fuel pumps at our Cape Cod station. Did you know that diesel fuel comes in multiple colors? It’s true, and the color of the fuel you receive tells you a lot about how it should be used — and how much it will cost. […]

Schedule Your End-of-Season AC Tune-up

Schedule Your End-of-Season AC Tune-up Cooling system maintenance gets you ahead of the game for next season! It’s about time to put another gorgeous Cape Cod summer in the history books. No doubt your central ac or ductless mini-split air conditioning system has been serving you well in these toasty months, but soon it will […]

What Kind of Fuel is Marine Fuel?

What Kind of Fuel is Marine Fuel? Trust Tasha’s team with your marine fueling needs — we’ll go wherever you need us! Throughout the Upper Cape (and also New Bedford, Providence, Boston and Newport), many different types of sea vessels count on Tasha Fuel & Propane. Our customers prefer our attentive, on-site marine fuel delivery […]

Is Ductless Mini-Split AC Right for You?

Is Ductless Mini-Split AC Right for You? The homes of Cape Cod are so iconic that there’s an entire architectural style named for them. But what about the homes themselves? The housing stock on Cape Cod and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts runs the gamut from historic to brand new. A decent number of the households we […]

Summer Propane Safety Tips

Summer Propane Safety Tips Keeping you and your loved ones safe Whether you’re cooking up a delicious salmon fillet on your propane grill or sitting around a pool heated to the perfect temperature with a propane pool heater, there’s so much to enjoy about late spring on the Upper Cape. And summer is right around […]