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On-Road vs. Off-Road Diesel Fuel

Tasha offers diesel delivery and on-site fuel pumps at our Cape Cod station.

diesel fueling Falmouth, ma Did you know that diesel fuel comes in multiple colors? It’s true, and the color of the fuel you receive tells you a lot about how it should be used — and how much it will cost.

You see, off-road diesel is dyed red, while diesel for road use contains no dye. (Its coloration is yellowish-clear.) At Tasha Fuels and Propane, we proudly provide diesel to commercial customers on the Upper Cape and across Southeastern Massachusetts.

What is diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is a distillate of crude oil, although an increasing amount comes from biomass. While it’s used in vehicle engines and other combustion equipment, diesel is denser than gasoline. It’s also less flammable. Gasoline will combust after coming into contact with a spark. By contrast, diesel requires compression and intense heat to combust. If you dropped a lit match into a pail filled with diesel, the flame would go out like you dropped it in water.

How are on-road and off-road diesel different?

Physically, there is no difference between the on- and off-road diesel (except for their colors). But they are used for different purposes.

Road diesel powers cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles that travel on roadways. Off-road diesel powers farm and construction equipment, forklifts, trains, water vessels, power generators and heavy machinery.

Road diesel is subject to taxes and surcharges, making it more expensive than off-road diesel. If you are found to be using red-dyed off-road diesel in a road vehicle, you will need to pay a significant financial penalty.

Are diesel and heating oil the same?

Essentially, traditional heating oil is the same product as off-road diesel. Both products can be used in an oil-fired heating system. (So can road diesel, in a pinch.)

It’s worth noting that all traditional heating oil and diesel is now ultra-low sulfur. This minuscule sulfur content is much better for the environment, air quality and equipment wear and tear. Additionally, the premium Bioheat® fuel that Tasha heating oil customers enjoy contains organic biodiesel to improve its environmental performance and overall efficiency.

What is the shelf life of diesel fuel?

Another benefit of diesel over gasoline is its extended shelf life. Diesel fuel can last over 12 months, while gasoline deteriorates after three to six months.

Two great ways to get diesel from Tasha Fuel & Propane

If you need on-road or off-road diesel in the Tasha service area, our team of experts can deliver the fuel directly to your fleet of vehicles or place of business. This is a great way to ensure you always have the fuel you need, and our prices are always competitive.

You can also drop by our gas station in Cataumet, where we sell gas, diesel, propane, racing fuels and lubricants. It’s your one-stop, full-service fuel destination!

Our team of seasoned professionals can help you get the most for your energy dollar. Reach out to us today to become a Tasha Fuels & Propane customer.