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Installation and Service

Propane and oil-fired heating and hot water appliances on Cape Cod and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts

installation and service massachusetts

From our office in Falmouth to communities throughout the Upper Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts — Tasha Fuels & Propane provides the best customer service to families looking to improve their home comfort equipment.

Our team of trained, certified and experienced technicians can help you find a heating or hot water solution that matches your family’s needs and budget. Then, once we install it, we are always there as your full-service partner for regular maintenance and as-needed repairs.


Propane and oil-powered furnaces and boilers

Whether your house is heated through vents, baseboards or radiators, Tasha Fuels & Propane has you covered! Do you use oil or gas to heat your home? We can handle both.

Tasha sells, installs, and services high-efficiency heating systems from industry-leading manufacturers. We can replace your inefficient equipment with a top-of-the-line furnace that will keep you more comfortable and save you money on energy bills. The modern boilers we install and maintain can reach energy efficiencies in the 90s.

And our job doesn’t end when your new boiler or furnace is installed. Our dedicated service team is on call for maintenance and emergency repairs.

Central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits for your summer comfort

Ductwork or no ductwork, we have a solution to keep you and your family cool and relaxed — regardless of how high the mercury rises.

We can replace your old, inefficient system with high-efficiency central air conditioning equipment that cools your house while keeping your energy bills low. Plus, our licensed HVAC technicians can keep it running at peak efficiency for years.

We also install ductless mini-split systems. These contemporary cooling systems offer long-term, low-cost climate control for homes without ducts. They run quietly and provide zoned cooling, so each room in your house will be exactly the right temperature!

Traditional and tankless water heaters

Are your showers less steamy than you’d like? Do you have to choose between bathing and running the dishwasher? It could be time for a new water heater.

We can replace your struggling appliance with an efficient standard or tankless water heater to boost your hot water generation and lower fuel bills!

An HVAC service team that treats you like part of the family

The Tasha team will help you select the right equipment for your home and install it with minimum disruption to your daily routine. We’ll also work to save you money with discounts and rebates.

Our team is also available for emergency repairs. Even if you aren’t a regular Tasha customer, we are there for you!



Protect your home-comfort investment

If you want to get the most for your heating and hot water equipment, regular maintenance is vital. Tasha’s technicians have the know-how to keep your system humming at maximum efficiency and catch minor issues before they lead to pricy repairs. Our customers can receive 24-hour burner service.

With one of our affordable maintenance plans, you can ensure that your equipment receives an annual tune-up, priority service and discounted repairs.

Contact Tasha Fuels & Propane today to request service or explore ways to upgrade your home comfort systems.