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On-road and racing lubrication solutions on Cape Cod and beyond

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We know your business’s vehicles need more than gasoline and diesel to run effectively. You need lubricants too. Happily, Tasha Fuels & Propane is a full-service provider of Shell-brand lubricants for commercial and racing vehicles.

Throughout the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts, people who care about securing the highest-quality fleet fuel and lubricants come to us to get everything they need. Our experienced, knowledgeable team can help you identify the right product for your business. And we can ensure that you’ll never run out.

Tasha Fuels & Propane can supply lubricants in drums or as bulk or packaged goods, depending on the scale of your business’s needs. We stand behind the quality of the commercial lubricants we carry. They are contaminant-free and meet all performance and environmental standards and guidelines.

We know you’re serious about keeping your fleet vehicles and racing machinery moving smoothly and efficiently. Let Tasha Fuels & Propane help you find the ideal lubrication solutions.



Shell products to meet your unique goals

Shell’s line of on-road lubricants represents the cutting edge of automotive technology. The company has pioneered a process called PurePlus, which produces ultra-clean base oils from natural gas. The resulting product is Shell Helix Ultra.

Shell Helix Ultra protects your equipment in high temperatures with superior resistance to oil degradation — up to 32% better than the industry standard! It offers superb protection against performance-hindering deposits and lasts longer in your vehicle. You’ll see the benefits in your fuel usage — Shell’s low-viscosity, low-friction formula can impart up to 3% greater fuel economy!

Are you a motorsports competitor or crew member? Shell’s racing lubricants will improve vehicle performance and extend equipment life. Working from a range of top-tier oils formulated using proprietary processes developed with Ferrari, these products keep your racing and modified engines clean with:

Superior lubrication at a fair price!

Are you not sure which lubricant is suitable for your business or race team’s vehicles? All you have to do is ask a Tasha Fuels & Propane team member!

Our technicians can suggest a product for your equipment, and if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll order it right away! The Tasha team has an extensive background in these products and stays up to date on the latest advances and releases. We’re always ready to give advice.

We’ve been helping Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts businesses optimize their on-road equipment for years and are proud of the sterling reputation we’ve earned. At Tasha, you aren’t just a number — you’re a neighbor. We are committed to giving your vehicles a performance and durability edge!

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