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Furnace Installation and Maintenance

High-efficiency furnaces for homes on Cape Cod and beyond — both propane and oil-powered

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Tasha Fuels & Propane serves communities across the Upper Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts, providing world-class installation, maintenance and repairs for heating oil and propane-fired furnaces.

As beautiful and idyllic as the warm seasons are in this region, the winter can be rough. Don’t entrust your family’s comfort and safety to an outdated, inefficient furnace that burns too much fuel and still can’t get the job done.


Call in the professionals from Tasha Fuels & Propane. We’ve served communities throughout the Upper Cape and surrounding communities for multiple generations. We’re your neighbors — not some anonymous national corporation. Our technicians have the experience and dedication to install and service furnaces from a range of manufacturers.

Update to an energy-efficient furnace and start saving today!

We know that replacing your furnace is a significant investment, and we want to make it as pleasant and productive an experience as possible. The fact of the matter is this: Holding on to a struggling heating system is way more expensive in the long run than making the leap to modern equipment.

A furnace can keep running for 20 or more years, but after 15 years of usage, you’ll start noticing a significant drop-off in performance and efficiency. In fact, a furnace more than 15 years old may be functioning at only 60% efficiency — meaning that for every dollar of fuel you burn, you only get 60¢ of heating.

What kind of efficiency can you expect from a modern furnace? Try 98.5%!

So don’t delay in making the upgrade to a new, high-efficiency furnace. You’ll be astonished by your winter energy savings. Today’s models are also more compact, have settings for lower usage during milder weather and reduce your home’s carbon footprint!



Tasha tailors your new furnace to your home and family

We always say that at Tasha Fuels & Propane, you aren’t just a number — you’re a neighbor!

We understand that every family and every house has unique needs. We won’t offer you a cookie-cutter heating option that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, and we don’t try to upsell you on a pricier model that’s more than your home requires.

Our technicians are located nearby on the Upper Cape. They’ll take the time to review your home’s existing forced-air heating and other factors, including:

With these and other factors in mind, we can build a custom-designed heating plan for your family. The Tasha team will have your new furnace installed quickly and painlessly, but that’s not the end of the job for us. We are ready to be your full-service partner from now on, for routine service, emergency repairs, plus heating oil or propane delivery. Our customers can always get 24-hour burner service. Even if you aren’t a regular Tasha customer, we are there for you!

And if you want priority service, discounted repairs and a complimentary annual tune-up, cover your purchase with one of Tasha Fuels & Propane’s maintenance plans.

Tasha Fuels & Propane provides heating installation and maintenance from Plymouth and Wareham to Cotuit and Osterville — and many other towns across Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. Get in touch with us today.