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What’s the Right Water Heater for You?

Find a traditional or tankless hot water system that keeps your showers steamy and relaxing!

water heater service Falmouth, ma Many homeowners don’t realize how much they depend on hot water until it stops working. Without a reliable hot water supply, you’re out of luck trying to bathe, wash dishes or do laundry. And those are just the most basic daily activities that rely on a functioning water heater.

Hot water is also a substantial part of your home’s energy usage. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 20 percent of the average home’s energy use comes from heating water!

Doesn’t it make sense to find the most efficient, high-performance water heater for your home? The home comfort experts at Tasha Fuels & Propane do more water heater installations than just about anyone on Cape Cod and in Southeastern Massachusetts. We can help you find the best system for your home.

The pros and cons of storage tank water heaters

Storage tank water heaters are the products that most people think of when they envision a water heater. Here are some pros and cons of going with a traditional water heater:

Traditional water heaters are typically more affordable.These units cost more to operate than tankless systems.
Because they’re popular, they are easier to replace.These units take up a large amount of space.

The pros and cons of tankless water heaters

As the name suggests, there is no storage tank with these systems. They heat water with a super-hot flame on demand when you open a hot water tap.

These systems produce virtually endless hot water on demand.Tankless water heaters are typically more expensive.
The Department of Energy says tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more energy efficient , saving you money.Switching from a traditional water heater to a tankless unit may require additional installation time.
These systems last longer than traditional water heatersTankless water heaters are generally only gas- or electric-powered.

Factors to consider when selecting a water heater

Here are some questions worth considering when deciding on the right water heater replacement:

Don’t wait! Talk to the Tasha team today about a new water heater.

Have you been losing hot water in the shower lately? Does the water coming from your hot water faucet look brown or rusty? Are you noticing banging or grinding noises from your current water heater?

These are all signs that your hot water system might be nearing retirement. It’s best to get in touch with us now and not wait until your current unit fails. If you wait, you might end up without hot water while we secure new equipment.

Contact us today to begin exploring your options for a better, more efficient water heater.