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What Kind of Fuel is Marine Fuel?

Trust Tasha’s team with your marine fueling needs — we’ll go wherever you need us!

marine fueling hartford county, ma Throughout the Upper Cape (and also New Bedford, Providence, Boston and Newport), many different types of sea vessels count on Tasha Fuel & Propane. Our customers prefer our attentive, on-site marine fuel delivery to lining up at a marina. Some maritime customers we serve include:

We appreciate that no two sea vessels are the same. As such, our team members always plan to spend a little extra time on our marine fuel deliveries to ensure that owners and crews get precisely the product they need and are satisfied that their ship is ready to cast off.

If you’ve ever wondered what “marine fuel” actually is, we can help.

Is marine fuel the same as bunker fuel?

You may have heard the term bunker fuel to refer to fuel for maritime vessels. This term is synonymous with marine fuel. It comes from the days of steam-powered ships, which kept the coal they used for fuel in a bunker.

Here’s a rundown of the different fuels that sea vessels use in our service region.

Heavy Fuel Oil

This is the most widely used marine fuel for large commercial vessels. It is a heavier crude oil distillate than on-road or off-road diesel. Regulations that went into place in 2020 cap the sulfur content of this fuel to 0.5 percent.

Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel

Alternatively called Marine Gas Oil, this product is comparable to the diesel fuel that powers road vehicles, earth-moving vehicles, forklifts and other commercial equipment. It’s typically pricier than heavy fuel oil but has lower emissions.

E10 and Gasoline

Smaller sea vessels may use gasoline like the product you find at the pump. E10 gas, which contains 10 percent ethanol, is a standard fuel for these seacrafts. This fuel is especially good for reducing emissions on small water vehicles.

Tasha is the #1 name for marine fuel in Cape Cod!

Marine fuel has been a core part of Tasha Fuels & Propane’s business since we opened shop in Falmouth almost 30 years ago. We specially designed our trucks to be able to reach sea vessels more easily at marinas and other docking points. Our team members have a system down pat to deliver your marine fuel quickly and safely — and ensure that your vessel is clean and secure before we leave.

And as lifelong residents of Cape Cod, we are always extremely careful to make sure no fuel spills into our harbor.

There’s a reason that so many marinas, private owners, research teams, maritime businesses and municipalities count on Tasha for their fuel. They know they’ll enjoy a personal touch from a crew of consummate professionals.

Do you want to experience the advantage of receiving your marine fuel from a multi-generation company with deep roots in the communities we serve? Contact Tasha Fuels & Propane today to get started.